When’s the last time you went on a trip down memory lane? Here at Shipston Lodge, we’re lucky enough to enjoy a trip every single month. That’s because our home is now the main venue for a fabulous local singing group called ‘Down Memory Lane’!

The group, based within the Shipston-on-Stour area, needed a last-minute venue as a result of unforeseen circumstances just before Christmas – and we willingly stepped in. They were so delighted with us and our kind hospitality that they are now using Shipston Lodge as their main venue! We’re absolutely delighted by this and it’s our pleasure to host ‘Down Memory Lane’.

Once a month, the ‘Down Memory Lane’ singing group gets together here in our home to sing a wide range of songs, offering a wonderful opportunity for those living with dementia and their carers to enjoy singing along with each other. The group very kindly invited everyone living here at Shipston Lodge to join in whenever they’d like to, and we provide refreshments as a thank you.

There is a great atmosphere here at Shipston Lodge whenever the singing group is here, and everyone has a wonderful time. Even staff members have been getting involved! It’s an event we all look forward to and everyone has a smile on their face after the monthly get-together.

Where choirs are concerned, the more, the merrier, as voices are stronger together and it means even more people can have fun. If you would like to join the singing group, then please do get in touch with the team here at Shipston Lodge and we can let you know when the next session is being held here in our home.

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