For those who are green-fingered and even those who aren’t, flower arranging can be rather enjoyable and therapeutic! And in addition to being a fun activity, the arrangements can bring joy for days or even weeks thereafter – especially if you remember to water them…

That’s why we have started flower arranging every other Wednesday right here at Shipston Lodge!

Our first few sessions have been a great hit with the ladies living here, and they have made some stunning arrangements so far. Everyone’s bedrooms are looking and smelling beautiful, with floral displays dotted around the home. What a wonderful thing they must be to wake up to!

In fact, flowers aren’t just a benefit to us for their aesthetic appeal – they’re actually known to help reduce stress and promote wellbeing, boosting your mood whenever you catch a glimpse of gypsophila or spot alluring alstroemeria across the room. Lavender is, of course, linked with enjoying a good night’s sleep, with its essence captured for aromatherapy oils and various other health-related products. It has even been said that with flowers being so fragrant and these smells are so strongly linked with memory, flowers actually have the potential to stir specific memories! And that provides us with all the motivation we need to ensure our flower-arranging sessions continue taking place every other Wednesday.

At each floristry session, we will be encouraging everyone to try different projects with a variety of themes, and we’ll even try working on some larger collaborative projects too that we can display around the home.

Keep an eye out for our residents’ fantastic displays next time you visit our home! They most definitely make everyone around here feel happy and bright, even with this chilly wintry weather. If you’d like to find out more about the range of activities we hold here at Shipston Lodge, please do get in touch.

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